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From preparing and negotiating contracts to financing, business disputes to franchise law, Hunt Pennington Kumar & Dula leverages our attorneys’ diverse backgrounds to bring new insight to all aspects of Business Law. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an investor, or a franchiser, an experienced Business Lawyer can guide you through all aspects of your business, including raising capital, diversifying your product line, expanding your markets, allocating risk, and advising against costly mistakes. Should litigation ever be needed, you need a Business Litigation Attorney to fight on your side with their full arsenal of experience, business acumen, and legal aptitude. The attorneys at Hunt Pennington Kumar & Dula enjoy working with their business law clients to support the rapid expansion of businesses and the growing entrepreneurial spirit here in Austin, Texas.

As part of our commitment to helping businesses grow and thrive, we act as Intellectual Property Lawyers for companies, startups, scientists, inventors, investors, and more. We believe that your ideas and your innovations should be protected against competitors through patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secret protection. We at Hunt Pennington Kumar & Dula are not just attorneys; we’re engineers, businessmen, and scientists, too, and our team is ready to advise you on how to file for registration, avoid technical pitfalls, and maximize your intellectual property rights. Protect your company’s market space and interests, while also generating income, by developing and implementing intelligent intellectual property acquisition and monetization strategies.
Additionally, if you’re being accused of trademark infringement or if someone else has used your goods or services without your authorization, our Trademark Infringement Attorneys can help protect you and your reputation when it matters most.

With our experience in patent licensing programs for technology companies, we can help monetize your portfolio by identifying and leveraging high value patents. Notoriously complex, licensing programs can involve many risks and high costs, but our Technology Licensing and Litigation Attorney can help you avoid unnecessary litigation, enforce your rights, and defend against infringement litigation.

What Is Protected Once A Trademark Has Been Established?

An established trademark protects the trademark owner from others who may try to hitch a ride or damage on the goodwill that is associated with that trademark. For example, an entrepreneur may put out a confusingly similar trademark on related goods or services. Secondarily, an established trademark protects consumers from being misled into buying a product or service from an unexpected provider. In other words, trademarks allow consumers to have confidence that the products or services they purchase come from a particular provider. Read more

What Is A Trademark Search? Why Do We Need One?

A trademark clearance search is generally a search of registries, markets, and other avenues of commerce to see if your prospective trademark may be “confusingly similar” to the prior mark. The analysis of what is confusingly similar depends on more than just the mark itself. On the federal level, it is generally determined by the DuPont factors, of which there are 12. By far, the two most important of these to consider are the appearance or presentation of the mark itself, and the goods or services with which it is used. Read more

How Long Is My Trademark Valid For? Does My Trademark Ever Expire?

If properly maintained, a trademark registration may exist indefinitely provided it is continuously being using in commerce in association with the claimed goods and/or services it covers. Trademarks are assumed to be abandoned after three years of consecutive non-use or excusable non-use, but this may be rebutted under certain circumstances. Read more

How Can I Protect My Trademark Or Patent From Being Infringed Upon?

One way to protect a trademark from infringement is to select a strong mark. There is something called the spectrum of distinctiveness in trademark law, which goes from something that is generic (i.e. having no distinctiveness whatsoever), to something that is fanciful  (i.e. completely made up and therefore highly distinctive); the more distinctive a mark, the stronger the mark. Read more

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