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Hunt Pennington Kumar & Dula PLLC
“We are very happy with the service that Sanjeev provided. He worked all through the holidays to make sure our case was closed by the end of the year. I highly recommend this firm.”– Michael S.
"I have worked with this firm for a year and a half and have been very pleased with their service - especially pertaining to the patent prosecution of our invention. The combined efforts of Sanjeev, and Jeff have helped preserved the integrity of our claims against stiff competition. I would definitely recommend this firm."Christiano F.
"Jeff and his team are wind beneath my wings. Jeff is direct, clear, and excellent to navigate the patent process without making me feel lost in the paperwork. I'm involved and part of the team. We are in the patent pending phase working through office actions. I have high confidence in our outcome. Jeff has been excellent to define expectations and costs. If you want urgency with quality results I highly recommend Jeff and his firm."Kari T.
"Successfully negotiated two commercial leases while advising on strategic positioning with city planners, franchisor, and landlords. Expert on protecting clients in regards to indemnification issues."Ron
"Sanjeev is a consummate professional. His exceptional legal and business knowledge were great to find. I, as a smaller contractor, had worked with a "deadbeat" general contractor that was not paying all of the other contractors on a specific project. I was not the only contractor on the project that wasn't being paid but I was able to get my money with the help of the Kumar Law Firm. It was truly an awesome experience. I learned so much by just being able to interact with Sanjeev throughout the process. I cannot say enough great things about Sanjeev and his law firm. If you find that you require the services of a very well versed and professional lawyer, I highly, highly recommend The Kumar Law Firm, PLLC in Austin, TX."David