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Technology licensing relationships and transactions are increasingly important for many businesses. Today, very few B2B transactions can wisely omit provisions governing the licensing or cross-licensing of one or more technologies which includes software and related services between businesses.

“Technology licensing” is an umbrella term that encompasses important parts of many business transactions—some companies may license technologies such as semiconductor design services and related intellectual property rights including patents, copyrights, know-how, and trade secrets. Other businesses may license technologies as part of transactions for larger purposes, such as franchise agreements, software development, support agreements, and Value-added Reseller Agreements (VAR). Many such transactions cross national borders.

With first person executive experience negotiating and structuring productive technology licensing relationships, (most particularly in the areas of semiconductor technologies, software, and venture capital financing) bringing our collective experience to the table will endure where your small or large business is pursuing effective, high value licensing relationships.

Whether you are contemplating opportunities for licensing out your valuable technologies to others or you maybe you wish to negotiate an inbound license to commercialize technologies created by others, such as universities or R&D consortiums—HPK attorneys have the experience to guide our clients in these high value relationships.

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